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Butcher Your Deer Video

The video playing is the first 9 minutes of my butchering video. It is a free sample of how to field dress your deer. The rest of the butchering video is available for purchase. It is the same video (in digital form) as the DVD version.

Don't buy any gadgets! Butcher your deer with equipment you already own!

Step by step butchering DVD. All that's needed is knives and freezer bags.

  • Field dressing
  • checking condition of a roadkill
  • skinning techniques
  • quartering
  • boning
  • what the cuts of meat are called and what to do with them
  • cleaning and removing the ribs for BBQ
  • lots of recipe ideas included in narration
  • BONUS how to get extra tenderloins
  • BONUS how to clean the heart
  • cuts of meat diagram included
  • approx 1 hour and 20 minutes long

Butcher Your Deer Video

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