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Homebrewing and wine making


Brew Your Own Beer DVD now available!

Watch as I brew, keg, and bottle 2 batches of beer

Approx 45 minutes of footage

Includes: basic instructions, equipment required, care of equipment, how to fix common problems, kegging, bottling, much more!

This homebrewing DVD covers the simple and successful methods I've used since the early '90's, I've never made a bad batch of beer or wine.



We produce the dvd's ourselves to keep costs low and we pass the savings on to you!


Click the following link for price info on Products For Sale page


E-mail us your

We'll send you an invoice you can pay thru PayPal.

We also accept Cashier's Checks and Money Orders.




My latest wine experiment is Mulberry wine. I have to say this is one of the best wines I've ever had. I started with 4 quarts of mulberries and pressed the juice out of them. Add juice, 2 lbs of sugar, yeast, and water to make 1 gallon. This was made in August '08, it's ready to drink now (Jan '09).


1 gallon each of pear, pineapple, and peach wine.  For the wines , I collected 1 gallon of juice from canned fruit, added about 2 lbs of sugar, and a packet of bread yeast.

The pineapple was the best, it was the sweetest. Then the peach, finally the pear. They took a little to get used to, but all turned out to be quite good with a decent amount of alcohol.


I also have plans to try to come up with a beer that tastes like Amstel Light (or Grolsch, Heineken, St Pauli Girl,etc)


For my Amstel clone, I used:

 6 lbs of light extract syrup

 1 lb crystal 10 malt

 1 oz tettnang hops

 2 oz mt hood hops

 Wyeast german ale


I put the grains in 2 gallons cold water and brought to a boil.  Then removed grains, added syrup and boiling hops and brought this to a boil.  Then after 40 minutes, added 1oz mt hood.  After another 10 minutes added 1 oz mt hood and boiled for 10 more minutes.  This wort was then cooled to 110-130 degrees, combined with cool water in my carboy to get the right temperature (approx 70 deg) and the yeast was pitched.

 I brewed this on 6-4-06,  

This is a very drinkable brew...however not what I am looking for.  The after taste and aroma are similar to Amstel, but I'm still not there yet.  This is a very light beer with little alcohol content.


This Iowa taxidermist shop is located in DeWitt near Davenport and Illinois quad cities.


Bud's Taxidermy
DeWitt, IA 52742