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Freeze Drying Service  *contact us for pricing*
In 2009 we aquired a used NorthStar Freeze Dryer. This piece of equipment allows us to do many things we weren't able to do in the past. 
We can now:
  • preserve MORE PETS.
  • preserve unique animals when no conventional form is available.
  • preserve very small animals. 
  • preserve lizards, snakes, turtles, amphibians, other reptiles.
  • preserve young animals that haven't yet reached mature size.
  • preserve turkey heads.
  • preserve small baitfish or worms for habitats or fishing bait.

We also have the abilty to:

    preserve flowers and other plants or mushrooms.
  • recover water logged books
    preserve internals and other 'weird stuff' for science, labs, schools, etc.
  • *preserve wood
  • *preserve insects.
    *we haven't done these yet
    The animal or object is placed in the correct position, then frozen.  Next, it is placed in the freeze dryer for the proper amount of time.  Some finish work is needed when the animal or object is complete, before it's ready for the customer.
    Since it is placed in the freeze dryer while frozen, minimal shrinkage or distortion occurs during the preservation process. You are left with a superior finished product. 



    This Iowa taxidermist shop is located in DeWitt near Davenport and Illinois quad cities.


    Bud's Taxidermy
    DeWitt, IA 52742