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DVD's Butchering, Processing, Pictures, etc.


 *New Footage!!* The first few minutes are the same, then we shot all new footage for a quicker paced DVD.*


Butcher your deer with equipment you already own! All that's needed is knives and freezer paper! 

NO NEED TO BUY ANY EQUIPMENT!!! DIY (do it yourself)

Step by step butchering DVD (from a deer lying on my garage cuts of meat ready to freeze)

The techniques shown in this dvd will work for deer, elk, goat, sheep, antelope, bear, and beef.

This will also work for pigs, but there are fewer tender cuts that you can turn into steak.


DVD Features:

  • Field dressing
  • Checking the condition of a roadkill
  • Skinning techniques
  • Quartering
  • Boning
  • cuts of meat and what to do with them
  • BONUS:  how to get extra tenderloins
  • BONUS:  how to clean the heart
  • ALSO:     cleaning and removing the ribs
  • Plus:       lots of recipe ideas included in narration
  • approx 1hour and 20 minutes of footage
  • Cuts of Meat Diagram Included




We know of no other dvd that shows how to do so much with so little equipment.

 "so easy anyone can do it"

"if you can watch a dvd, you can butcher your deer"

"you can't beat it for the price"


We produce the dvd's ourselves to keep costs low and we pass the savings on to you!


Click the following link for price info on Products For Sale page


E-mail us your order  

We'll send you an invoice you can pay thru PayPal.

We also accept Cashier's Checks and Money Orders.



Bud's Taxidermy
DeWitt, IA 52742



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